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Runners in masks file past a soldier during the Beijing Marathon. (Kevin Frayer/Getty Images)

Ten of the Biggest Stories from China in 2014

The online magazine of Asia Society's Center on U.S.-China Relations reflects on its most significant stories, conversations, and multimedia of the past year. more
A documentary photography exhibition, visually narrating the hidden chain of actions triggered by mankind’s use of coal. more
ZhongXiang Zhang: Environmental Policy Reform
“I am cautiously optimistic that China will be able to accomplish a great deal on the environmental front.” more
Henry Paulson (L) and Kevin Rudd (R) at Asia Society’s event in New York on September 11, 2014. (Elsa Ruiz/Asia Society)

Paulson and Rudd: China's Economic Reform Is the 'Engine Room' for Xi's Political Vision

In a wide-ranging discussion at Asia Society, Henry Paulson and Kevin Rudd discussed President Xi Jinping’s vision for China, the country's economic reform agenda, its stance on climate change, and more. more
A still from 'Gringo Trails,' screening at Cinema Village in New York on Friday, September 5.

'Gringo Trails' Director on Three Things to Be Aware of When You Travel

Sept. 5: A new documentary looks at the sometimes alarming cultural and environmental effects of worldwide tourism. more

Documentary Q & A: 'The Last Moose of Aoluguya' (Complete)

Cinematographer Zhao Jiewei discusses his work on a documentary that follows a member of China's dwindling Ewenti minority. more

Documentary Q & A: 'Waking the Green Tiger' (Complete)

After a screening of Gary Marcuse's documentary about a grassroots campaign to block a dam on the Yangtze River, Asia Society's Orville Schell talks with environmental activist Shi Lihong, who is featured in the film. more
Empty plastic bottles in China. (Carsten ten Brink/Flickr)

Video: Trash Talking, Literally, with China's Determined Documentarian Wang Jiuliang

Filmmaker Wang Jiuliang talks about his experience documenting landfills in Beijing and his upcoming documentary 'Plastic China.' more

Waking the Green Tiger: Documentaries from the Front Lines of China's Environmental Crisis

August 18-2, 2014. Film series explores China's environmental crisis and the people working on its front lines. more

Screening: The Last Moose of Aoluguya

Filmmaker Gu Tao follows Weijia, a member of the Ewenti minority group, whose population is dwindling in northern China. more