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Korea Tensions Weigh on US-China Talks

Regional security will be high on the agenda when Secretary of State Hillary Clinton meets with her counterparts in Beijing for the US-China Strategic and Economic Dialogue, in light of evidence that North Korea torpedoed a South Korean naval ship. Seoul is expected to push for United Nations Security Council action with backing from the US, while North Korea's ally China might be unwilling to go along with further steps to isolate Pyongyang. John Delury, Associate Director of Asia Society's Center on US-China Relations, explains what's at stake.

For more on this story, read John Delury's recent column examining the relationship between China and North Korea:

The Chinese Road to Pyongyang

The closed regime in No.Korea will continue to provke in order to stay on the world stage.They may reason that US military inervewntion is highly unlikely its'nuclear weaponsw permit it to act irresponsibly but not sufficiently to an extreme crisis .Patient vigilance and cool headed policies to islolate the regime quietly aiding any internal dissidence seems the only real approach.China has the most to loose by an unstable roque No.Korea and the US should work closely with Beijing taking a long view and folowing the pecepts of Sun Tzu ,not to back your oppenent into a corner with no escape.The problem stems from the bungling of the US-Korean war by the Truman Adfminstration by depriving MaCarthur of the means and authority to force the Chinese to withdraw their "volunteers " in 1951 which changed the conflict into a Sino-US war.Snatching defeat from the jaws of victory the US sowed the seed for our present serious nuclear.delemna
It seems pretty obvious to me that, sooner or later, we'll undoubtedly see not a military confrontation but a humanitarian crisis when the North Korean regime implodes and millions of starving and jobless refugees stream south into South Korea (and some into China as well)... are the U.S. and its allies in the region adequately planning for such a contingency?... are we ready with food, water, shelter, etc.??
Dear John, Good Morning, This is AR JUNG from Radio Free Asia(RFA). I hope you had a wonderful weekend. Last time, your comments were really helpful and highly appreciated. Some of S. Korean media quote your name and comments . Yesterday White House released the statement to support S Korea, and many experts and reports are saying that US will support with 3 steps of proceeding to punish North Korea. 1. UN Security Council (Multilateral), 2. Military training and cooperation with S. Korea (bilateral) , 3. Economy Sanction (unilateral). So.. I would like to ask you regarding this. What US can do to punish North Korea? What are the options for US? Some of expert saying that US has already been doing everything what they can do. Your comments will be very helpful for audience to understand the situation. I really appreciate your help. Thank you,
Dear Asia Society: As America is having unusual military distress, N. Korea is senslessly trying to give a harder time to America. The bankrupt communist regime should be placed under a harschier international sanctions in order to limit the communist activities. Kim Jong Il will face brutal uprisings within his dominion as the North Koreans now tasted his failed leadership enough under the hunger and miserries. Kim is in the dead end. America with her allies should act strongly to suppress the dangerous stupids which soon are going to be self destroyed. We believe that it is good idea if the secretary of the state could propose that America would welcome the young collegians or their political leaders collectively visit America as the friendship travelers. The costs should be paid by the good will donors and the American government. Smart North Korean students and polticians woiuld welcome the proposition. Meanwhile, America should stand strongly against the brutal communists. Many of the north Koreans will come the peaceful approaches. would welcome American action in peace which they would understand Americans's humanitarian hearts.

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