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25 February
"An Irrelevant Writer: The Letters of Shen Congwen" by Yiyun Li, an acclaimed novelist and friend of the Asia Society.
24 February
If you want to understand how North Koreans perceive themselves, says B.R. Myers, study their propaganda.
20 January
Journalist Liu Jianqiang discussed his investigative stories on the ecological impact and displacement of people by China's hydroelectric projects.
18 January
Navi Radjou - 'Made in India' for the 21st Century
14 January
Liu Jianqiang is one of China’s pioneering environmental journalists.
7 January
The Environment, the Economy, and Asia
20 November
Asia Society's Center on US-China Relations spoke with National Public Radio's "Fresh Air" host Terry Gross.
17 November
Prior to our event Healing without Harm, our two speakers--Jill Robinson and Lixin Huang--were gracious enough to answer a few questions on the subject.
10 November
Tori Zwisler, the leader of the Million Tree Campaign, discusses her career as a highly visible foreign environmentalist.