(Ursaline Academy)

(Ursaline Academy)

Twentieth-century assumptions about the world are rapidly becoming obsolete. Globalization, the digital revolution, mass migration, and the prospect of climate instability are triggering new concerns and demanding a new kind of graduate. In the 21st century we are recasting our understanding of economics, communication, security, cultural identity, citizenship, and the environment. The cross-border challenges and opportunities that face our youth after graduation demands a more powerful, relevant, and self-directed learning that will prepare them to live, compete, and collaborate in new ways. We must prepare our students to be globally competent.

See our graduate profile, and the benchmarks throughout elementary and secondary school education that help students graduate ready for college and globally competent. The tools are free for you to use. 

Asia Society works with school districts and schools to implement this type of education. Our services are customized for each district or school, and will include some combination of the following: 


On-site Coaching

Asia Society provides on-site coaching support to the school leader and/or teachers. Our coaches are veteran school leaders or staff developers with a successful background transforming curriculum, instruction, and assessment practices for the global innovation age. Coaching services are customized to respond to a school’s greatest needs.

Leaders Learning Series

Join our school leaders’ bi-annual gatherings to develop and sustain an effective international studies school. The intent of the seminars is to bring together the leaders from across the network to share best practice; learn about new innovations and strategies; engage in shared problem-solving; and deepen international knowledge and skills. School study tours (see below) are an integral part of the leaders’ seminars, enabling schools to showcase their strengths but also to provide a learning laboratory for school leaders. Simulations of global project-based learning experiences are interwoven into the leaders’ seminars.

Summer Institute

Intensive multi-day professional development conference for school teams. The purpose of the annual gathering is to: learn about and strengthen implementation of global teaching and learning; strengthen connections with the national ISSN network; and learn more about the national and international global education reform movement.

Digital Portfolio and Assessment System

An online system, called ShowEvidence, hosts student portfolios, a library of global learning tasks (aligned to Common Core State Standards), and teacher tools to evaluate student work. The system’s unique ability to allow teachers to identify and tag evidence of student learning outcomes propels deeper learning throughout the school community. The system allows students to collect work samples that can be arranged in a portfolio as evidence that they are both college-ready and globally competent.

Site Review

A four- to six-member team will walk through your school with you as a formative assessment of your global school culture. Receive data and insight that can help school leaders and faculty accelerate and deepen its progress toward preparing students for the global innovation age. The team is comprised of ISSN educators and the school’s coach. The process takes three days. The team looks for evidence that addresses the school’s progress in ISSN school design implementation. Their observations are documented through a structured process based on the ISSN School Design Matrix. During the experience, members of the visiting team meet with faculty, staff, students, parents, district leaders (when applicable), and external supporters of the school. The team observes key learning activities such as classroom lessons, extra-curricular activities, and schoolwide events or meetings. On the final day, the ISSN visiting team shares its observations with school staff through data visualizations and conversation. The school will receive a written document that includes the team’s observations, organized in accordance with the six domains of the ISSN School Design Matrix.

School Study Tour

A team of up to seven people will get an in-depth look at an exemplary ISSN school. Participate in facilitated discussions, classroom visits, and meetings to gather new ideas about teaching and learning, and to explore the ISSN School Design and its approaches to curriculum, instruction, and assessment. Meet students who are getting ready to graduate, who will demonstrate through words, work, and action, what it means to be ready for college and the interconnected world beyond.


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