About the Awards

As part of the 2012 Asian Pacific Americans Corporate Survey, eight companies are recognized for providing inclusive workplaces that promote APAs to corporate leadership positions and draw on APA talent to grow their business at home and abroad. These eight companies are selected among the finalists for the quality of their APA programs as well as the results from their employee surveys.

Four of the awards are given using a combination of indexed employee scores (80% of total score) as well as scores from the judges (20%). These awards require companies to have participated in both the employee and company portions of the survey.

  • Overall Best Company for Asian Pacific American Professionals to Work For
  • Best Company in Promoting Asian Pacific Americans to Develop Workforce Skills
  • Best Company for Support of the Asian Pacific American Community
  • Best Company in Promoting Asian Pacific Americans into Senior Leadership Positions.

In addition, two other awards are given based on the innovation and impact of the programs. Companies can be eligible for these awards by completing the company portion of the survey.

  • Best Company for Mentoring of Asian Pacific Americans
  • Best Company with the Most Innovative Practices

In addition to the Best Company awards, the “Honor for Distinguished Practice” is also given to one company in each of the categories.

Finally Best Practices were chosen from all the company submissions. The judges analyzed then ranked each program in each dimension and programs from the top five or six companies in each dimension are highlighted in the Best Practices section of the report.

Asia Society’s Diversity Awards Ceremony, which recognizes major companies at the forefront of Global Diversity who are Best in Class in Promoting Asian Pacific American Leaders, will be held in the evening at the end of the Diversity Leadership Forum.